"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." – Mark Twain, Letter to W D Howells, 4/2/1899

The Visitor


She is black and white and her nickname is ‘the cow’. My son, her master, gave her the name and if the photo was side on you would know why.

She came to stay with us when her mistress was very sick. Introducing her into the pack was something like planning the D day landings. She was a puppy at this stage and Zed was suspicious of all that energy and he was sure she was up to no good. He put her in her place right from the start and it took a bit of work to convince him that he was going over the top. Zed does not submit easily so putting him on his side until he calmed down was a bit of a process, and so was staying calm throughout. The situation improved but not to the point where I was comfortable leaving them alone.

Fast forward six months.

This delightful little creature is back among us once again. Not quite the squirming puppy that she was but still getting into mischief, and more. My reading glass went in a raid organised during my shower. The reading glasses had to be put down as they had lost an arm in the attack. (I’m writing this through what looks like a thick fog).

Amazingly Zed has decided that she is now OK to have around, there have even been games. He has taught her to bark when she is very happy to see someone come home (her owners are very happy that she has learned this!!!!!!). I have been trying to teach her to walk on a lead and we are making some progress. She is also learning how to be a calm female from Honey (Honey is the epitome of calmness and poise).We get a lot of comments and smiles on our walks because when it starts to go pear shaped I look a lot like Ben Hur rounding the final bend!

The ‘little cow’ is only here while my son and his lady find a house to rent so my time with this little one is limited. I’m doing my best to enjoy every moment.

If you look at the photo (my son took this one) you will see what I mean.


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