"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." – Mark Twain, Letter to W D Howells, 4/2/1899

When Things Get Bad

A really sore tummy

A really sore tummy


Zed sometimes gets a sore tummy, often from eating possum poo. He never learns because he does not get the connection. His way of dealing with his pain is to climb onto my shoulders which I guess puts a bit of pressure on his tummy and this makes him feel slightly better.

This is also his ‘stage one’ position if he is feeling nervous (thunder etc) closely followed by hiding under my son’s bed (not sure what he will do now that my son has moved out complete with bed). Stage three is on the floor next to my wife’s side of the bed (which is a flashback to when my wife first brought him home and he slept on her PJs next to our bed).

As you can see from the photo, even if you are uncomfortable you still need something to do so looking through the blind at what is going on in the backyard is one way of passing time.

PHOTO CREDIT: goes to mrs araneus1


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