"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." – Mark Twain, Letter to W D Howells, 4/2/1899

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Nanook Come.

You may remember Nanook. She has appeared in a few of my posts.

My son now has slow motion on his phone and this is the result.




Shake It Off.


Body Language.


Humans rely a lot on language to get their point across.

Dogs do their best to understand as many of these words as possible but really, they speak a different language.

They speak though body language, and it’s not that hard to learn. They do us the honour of trying to learn our language, so maybe we should try to learn theirs.

They watch us all the time hoping that our body language will give them clues. Our energy and our demeanour are their way into our world. They want to be good pack members and they need us to tell them what their the rules are and what their boundaries and limitations are.

Learn their language, it’s fun, and you can talk without saying a word.

Just Waiting.



A well trained dog is good at waiting. It doesn’t do him any harm and in the case of a dog with a lot of energy, it is a good mental exercise for him to have to wait. It burns up more energy than walking.


At Your Feet.



Don’t Ask.


Just a Little Closer.


Some days Zed just cannot get close enough.

A big chunk of my working day involves sitting on my bed with a heap of pillows behind me and my laptop appropriately placed on my lap. There is a constant competition between my two dogs for ‘possession of the lap’. [I spend a lot of time typing sideways!] But sometimes even the lap is not enough. Zed has a habit of eating things he shouldn’t eat and so he gets a tummy ache.
For Zed the best place to be, when he is stressed, is sitting on my shoulder. This probably goes back to when he was a pup. He would climb up and sit on my shoulder if he was frightened.
It might look cute, but if it goes on for too long it makes my neck sore.
Interestingly, I think this shot was taken by my good lady on ‘talk like a pirate day’. So maybe Zed was just getting into the mood of the day.

Photo Credit goes to my amazing wife.

Ever Watchful.

Ever Watchful (tall B&W)_2


Photo Credit to my talented son:

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Nanook’s collar of shame

Remember ‘The Visitor’? Some excellent photos from my talented son. She’s all better now and we are doggie sitting her at the moment.

Jivesucka's Ruminations

Nanook recently spent a week in the elizabethan collar that she previously wore in puppyhood.
Situations this embarrassing require plenty of photos. (In this case, 6 photos should do it.)

Her nose sticks out a little bit this time around.
Whilst still being a tiny dog, she’s grown quite a bit in her 22 months. This has effectively shortened the useful length of the collar, altering it from being a impenetrable barrier to licking things that should go unlicked & turning it into a mild suggestion to “leave it the hell alone”.

Sort of a sawn-off shotgun approach to protective medical devices.
Intimidating, but less accurate.

You can rest assured it was as comfortable & safe as a big chunk of plastic around your neck can be. Otherwise we would’ve bought a brand new chunk of plastic to do the job.
The antibiotics sapped her strength quite a bit, but…

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