"The dog is a gentleman; I hope to go to his heaven, not man's." – Mark Twain, Letter to W D Howells, 4/2/1899

The EYES Have It.

Understanding Your Dog


If we want to understand our dogs then we must learn their language.

Dogs are all about body language and eye contact is very important in dog land.


When dogs first meet they avoid eye contact because in this setting eye contact means aggression. If a dog means no harm it will approach another dog slightly turned away from it but if it is challenging that dog it will be straight on with full eye contact. Every dog knows this signal; understanding it is a matter of survival.


Humans need to remember this; no matter how cute the dog is it will not like being looked at directly in the eyes.

Generally speaking it is a good idea to let a dog approach you and not the other way around.


No matter how cool the dog looks it is best to play by their rules and treat them with respect…

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